Fact-based design

We don’t just design something pretty. We base our designs on facts. We do design research to collect those facts. This enables us to accurately map the needs and wishes of users and combine them with the business goals. This way we create concepts that work for both the business and the users.

Fact-based design delivers not just a solution, but also the ‘why’ behind the design. This better facilitates strategic decisions and produces a better case for stakeholders.

“We speak the truth and face the facts.”


Based on user insights and business goals we define a sharp and visually presentable idea. The form of the concept depends on the problem at hand and the goals of the concept. For example:

Information architecture

A straightforward overview of the structure of the application or website, showing where specific functionality and information will be displayed.

Flow of wireframes

Functional sketches of the successive steps a user takes when completing a task. What information is needed in each step? And what clutter should be omitted?

Navigation design

In increasingly complicated digital products, users expect to find everything easy and intuitive. A solid navigation for content and functionality is crucial.

Information and structure design

An elaboration of the information architecture, detailing and prioritizing the topics per page and components to be designed.

Interactive prototype

The ultimate lean way to experience a flow, navigation or page layout without having to build the actual product. A prototype facilitates strategic product decisions with high impact for a relative low cost.

Layout of essential pages

A page layout defines the information hierarchy on the page. And how the information is displayed on different screen sizes.

We specialize in the translation of insights into solutions.

A solid process

Every case is unique. But the steps leading to a successful fact-based concept usually look something like this:

1. Kick-off meeting

Together with the stakeholders we identify and pinpoint problems and set project goals.

2. Design research

User research, combined with workshops and desk research where needed to gather all the facts.

3. Concept ideation

Our creative process where we analyze facts, generate ideas and solutions and iterate them to define a holistic concept.

4. Concept creation

We visualize and describe the concept and craft it into a presentable story or prototype.

5. Presentation

We present the facts and insights we found. And the concept we created to bring the user needs and business goals together.

6. Coffee

We believe in a good customer experience. So we are always curious to learn how we can improve.


The ‘user experience’ is the total experience a user has with a product or service. Offering a good UX for a website or app means understanding exactly what users want to know or do. Only then can you create designs that help them reach their goal fast and pleasantly.

We believe the best concepts are created by putting the user first. User centered design is a proven design methodology where solutions are based on insights in user goals and context of use. User research and tests are used to continuously improve and fine-tune a solution, creating a efficient and focused process.

An increasing group of companies understand the value of user centered design and find that an improved user experience creates an increase in customer loyalty.


We are a tag team of an all-round designer and a design research specialist. We were trained as design engineers and bring over 20 years of design experience and UX knowledge to each project.

Experience architects

We listen and ask questions. We are zealous and analytical, straightforward and honest. We believe plain and bright designs can have a positive impact on peoples lives.

Bart van Lieshout

I am an all-round designer. I envision concepts, systems, grids and structures for information and interaction.

I enjoy typography, clean graphic design and industrial architecture. I live in the Netherlands, have an amazing wife and daughter and occasionally perform as a classical baroque tenor.

MSc cum laude Architecture, TU Delft

Simplicity is a competitive advantage.

Meike Mak

I am a design researcher and UX specialist. My strength is to listen, understand and analyze.
I solve complex puzzles and feel challenged by difficult problems.

I love exploring new countries and cultures and admire mountains. And I enjoy a game of squash.

MSc cum laude Industrial Design, TU Delft

Face the facts and speak the truth.

What we are not

We are:

  • Used to solve complex problems in politically sensitive environments.
  • Capable of delivering high quality work fast.
  • Creative UX specialists.

We are not:

  • A company that builds websites.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) experts.
  • Looking for ‘low hanging fruit’.
  • Easily satisfied.
  • Cheap.

In recent years we worked for:

  • Albert Schweitzer Hospital
  • CHA
  • Consumentenbond
  • DHL
  • DMC
  • eBay
  • europeana
  • Google
  • Hartstichting
  • Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • ING
  • KPN
  • Leaf
  • Liberty Global
  • Pepsico
  • Raad voor de Kinderbescherming
  • RTL
  • Sara Lee
  • Schiphol
  • Sony
  • T-mobile
  • Telfort
  • Vogels
  • Vrumona
  • Wolters Kluwer
  • XS4ALL


We gladly discuss the possibilities and advantages of a fact-based concept.

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