Tool: colors in action

When mixing colors for a project, nothing beats staring at a beautiful pallet. Except seeing the colors in action. We like to see them together, with typography and in different combinations. All combinations actually. So we created a simple tool to do just that.

We love coolors to select color combinations. But we want to see them in action and changing all the colors in designs is too time consuming. So we created a simple tool that takes an x amount of colors (we opted for 6, but you can easily change the number depending on the project needs) and with the push of a button generated all possible combinations in a random grid.
Pushing the button a few times and scrolling around a bit helps us to quickly judge the dynamics of the pallet and what combinations in the pallet work best.

Download and play

The tool is only one file. All css and js code is in the html. Links for jQuery and fonts point to google api. In the js script it is easy to change the number of colors if needed.
Enjoy and let us know what you create with it. We love to know.

Open the tool

mbstudio tool