Meike Mak &
Bart van Lieshout

mbstudio was founded in 2016 by Meike Mak and Bart van Lieshout. We come from different design masters at the Technical University of Delft and have been working together for some years on designs for websites and apps.

We are:

  • Used to solve complex problems in politically sensitive environments.
  • Capable of delivering high quality work fast.
  • Creative UX specialists bringing over 20 years of experience to every project.

We are not:

  • A company that builds websites.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) experts.
  • Looking for ‘low hanging fruit’.
  • Easily satisfied.
  • Cheap.

Experience architects

We believe that digital products have the potential to make life more enjoyable, easier and more valuable. We apply User Centered Design to create real value for the end user in all our projects. Because we believe that adding value for your customer is the best business strategy. A vision that is shared with a fast increasing group of companies.

Meike Mak

I am a design researcher and UX specialist. My strength is to listen, understand and analyze. I solve complex puzzles and feel challenged by difficult problems. I love exploring new countries and cultures and admire mountains. And I enjoy a game of squash.

“Face the facts and speak the truth.”

Bart van Lieshout

I am an all-round designer. I envision concepts, systems, grids and structures for information and interaction. I enjoy typography, clean graphic design and industrial architecture. I have an amazing wife and daughter and occasionally perform as a classical baroque tenor.

“Simplicity is a competitive advantage.”