Dental practice Klop

Dental practice (in Dutch “tandartspraktijk”) Klop is a family business that serves her clientele with attention and care. Now that a new generation takes over the management, the company continues under a slightly different name. We designed the new corporate identity.

Most communication between Tandartspraktijk Klop and her patients is face to face or via phone. Visiting patients receive appointment cards with stickers for future appointments. Just as the invoices and referral letters, these are purely textual and informative documents, placing the typeface firmly in the lead of the corporate identity.

A typeface to set the tone

We looked for a typeface that is contemporary, legible, not trendy, loud or showy, unique and recognizable and outspoken enough to carry the brand identity.
After some typographic wandering we arrived at a Dutch typeface from Bold Monday: Nitti Grotesk. This contemporary font by Pieter van Rosmalen is legible, fresh, informal and professional at the same time.

A remarkable choice to use a two-story lowercase ‘a’ for the @, rather than the traditional single-story version of the letter.

In the lighter weights Nitti Grotesk renders elegant and airy, matching the desired atmosphere and appearance for the brand. Since many of the textual messages consist of only one or two lines, the typeface needs to be effective and visually pleasing when used in small quantities. Nitti Grotesk passed this test with flying colors.
We decided to use the Semi Light weight of the typeface for both the body text and the logo, where only the capital I underwent some minor graphical surgery.

A recognizable word mark

We did not design a tooth, molar or other denture part inspired logo. Our client requested a readable and recognizable word mark for ‘tandartspraktijk Klop’.
The word ‘tandartspraktijk’ is rather long. To increase readability and prevent an undesirable stretched ratio for the word mark, we split the word over two lines.

The vertical lines between the letters emphasize the graphic rhythm. Aligning the name ‘KLOP’ to the right amplifies the pattern of lines and shifts the graphical center of gravity of the logo to a more interesting position.

For the body text we settled on a font size of 11pt with a 120% line heights. We used this baseline grid to create the logo. The logo features larger letters, using 4 lines of the baseline grid for 3 lines of text in the logo. We applied the golden ratio to define the letter height and white space between the lines.

Logo as a ruler

We used the rhythm of the lines in the logo as a ruler to fix the position of elements on the page. Since the logo has a fixed size (4 text lines), it can be used to position the other elements. At the top of the page the smallest measure (1) is applied to create the top-margin, resulting in a elongated layout. This measure secures the position of the baseline grid on the page, fixing the vertical rhythm of the page. All elements on the page are aligned to the baseline grid.

On the left and right side of the page, the logo is used to fix the main body of text. 3 Measures on the left, 5 and 2 on the right side of the A4 paper. On the smaller A6 appointment card, the rhythm is repeated from the left edge of the paper, since the address block on this smaller card has a stronger relation with the logo than the right edge of the card. On the smaller cards the logo is used in a reduces size, counting 3 in stead of 4 lines of the baseline grid.

The line on the left side of the address, ends at exactly ⅓ of the page height, allowing it to be used as a reference point for folding the paper.

A few lines

The lines that form the grid of the logo are echoed on the page on two positions. A longer line indicates the position of the address area, the shorter one marks the address of the website at the bottom.
These lines are aligned to the baseline grid, but the first one also stops at exactly ⅓ of the page’s height. This way the bottom of the line can be used as a reference point when folding the paper in three to fit the enveloppe.

We designed a A4 letter template, also suitable for invoices, recipes and medical references, a envelope and two different A6 cards. The portrail card is used for appointment(stickers) and the landscape version as a compliment card or for small hand-written instructions and messages.

Thanks to Caroline Klop for the clear choices and the enthusiasm. We wish you succes and good fortune with your lovely company!

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