Public purchasing

A digital interface for the purchasers from the Dutch government.

The ‘Haagse Inkoop Samenwerking’ (HIS) does all the purchasing for the Dutch government. For the different ministries, the HIS buys goods and services via framework agreements, private tenders or European tenders.
We created a prototype with them to show what their proces will look like in the future.

In the near future the HIS wants a digital interface for all their purchasing processes to give their experts a better overview of the steps and status of a process, current contracts and relevant expertise from colleagues.
This application will also help them standardise processes, increase efficiency, reduce training time for new employees and decrease the chance of errors.

Mapping the process

Together with the purchasing experts from HIS, we mapped their processes in a couple of workshops and identified potential improvements that the application would bring to the business processes.

A glimpse of the future

We selected two processes to demonstrate how a digital interface will improve business processes and support the purchasing experts.

The concept we developed focusses on the overview of the process. On the left of each screen the steps of the process are displayed, on the right side the details and actions of the selected step are shown.

Concept sketches for the interface.

Sketch to prototype

We translated the concept into a clickable prototype. We designed a sequence of screens that shows how the application helps the purchase expert to select the correct process and generates an overview of all the steps to be taken.
The application provides every purchaser with a dashboard of current projects, a clear overview of the steps in each process and all actions and information per step.

The left side of the screen offers an overview of the steps in a European tender, the right side displays the details of the selected step.

We thank Irma Grooten and Steven Roos for their enthusiasm, the constructive workshops and the streamlined process.

concept, design + prototype